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Welcome to Pathway’s Computer Support Page

Q1: How do I test the Topaz signature pad to make sure it’s working?

Welligent has made the switch from Internet Explorer to Chrome for signature pad support.

In Chrome, go to
To test that the signature pad is working in Chrome, go to this website:

Click on the Sign button. In Chrome, another dialog will appear after a few moments. Then scribble on the signature pad; ink should appear immediately on the screen.

If the dialog does not appear, in Chrome, install the Topaz extension with this link:
Click the “Add to Chrome” button and then “Add Extension.” If the “Remove from Chrome” button appears, then the extension is already installed.

Legacy: We used to use this link for Chrome:

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Q2: I’ve logged into this Windows 10 PC for the first time, how do I set it up?

Windows 10 allows you to login into any Pathway PC using your email and password. When you first login to a PC it can feel little plain until you set it up with the directions on this page or contact Support to help you. In a pinch I’d recommend going to; after logging in, if you click on the 3×3 grid in the upper-left you can get to OneDrive, Word, and the rest of the Office 365 suite of applications.

Q3: Is there an easier way for me to access OneDrive files on the desktop?

  • A: Moving anything out the “Server – *” folder means your colleagues won’t have access to the files. Instead, you should put shortcuts on your desktop. Here’s how…
  • Right-click the file or folder and select Copy.
  • Go to where you want the shortcut and right-click again; this time select Paste shortcut 
  • Renaming the shortcut doesn’t affect the original so you’re welcome to change the name to something meaningful for you.

Q4: How do I setup Chrome to use Unicare? (Preferred)

  • In Chrome, go to
  • Login to Unicare
  • Click “Detect Receiver”
  • From the “Open URL:Citrix Receiver?” dialog, press the “Cancel” button.
  • You will be back in Chrome, click on the “Already installed” link. It’s in the middle; 3/4 of the way down; and below the Download link. It’s kinda hard to read.
  • Click Unicare 15 button
  • A cryptic file will be downloaded in Chrome into the bottom left ending in ica. Click on it to open Unicare.
  • The flow from here is what you are used to.

Q5: How to Log Into A Windows 10 PC

  • From the login screen click “Other User”
  • Type in your email address and password
  • The first time you login to a PC; you will be given the option to setup a PIN to login with instead. PIN must be a minimum of 6-digits
    • PIN setup is on a per PC basis
  • Moving forward you can use your user name (email) and PIN to login instead of your password
  • If you are logging into a PC with a green dot on the monitor; wait one minute after the desktop appears for first time configuration to complete. 
  • Subsequent Login into a Windows 10 PC: 
  • From the login screen click “Other User” or your name if it appears
  • -The login screen has a “Sign-in options” button. Clicking on that will allow you to use either a Password or a PIN.
    • Click the key icon to use your password
    • Click the number pad icon to use your PIN
    • The second input field is not interchangeable. It will either accept a PIN or a password based on your selection.