For Your Clients

Before treatment my life was like a merry go round. It was like a swinging door: do your time for a little while, get out, and play the part- you’re going to be good! - Read more about Felix

If you have a client who is in need of addiction rehabilitation services, Pathway Society is the choice of health care providers and clients throughout Santa Clara county. Our 50 year track record of success and proven individualized services help ensure that your clients experience the best possible outcomes.

If you would like more information on how to refer your insured or private pay clients, please call us at 408 244 1834. The first step to getting your client into Pathway Society services is to determine whether they will be admitted through insurance/private payment or through the Santa Clara County Department of Alcohol and Drug Services. More information on insurance and county sponsored services can be found on our insurance information page.

Pathway Society is committed to working collaboratively and holistically with all of our clients’ care providers. Within the parameters of privacy laws, we are skilled at working with community healthcare partners to ensure our clients receive the care they need. We believe that communication and partnership with our clients’ support networks are the cornerstones to a successful recovery.

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