Who Are Our Alumni

I was the type of addict that whenever I got out of prison I’d tell my parole officer, ‘Save my gate money for when I come back!’ I was a ruthless drug addict of the hopeless variety. I didn’t believe there was any other way to live. - Richard Nickerson

For over 50 years, Pathway Society has transformed thousands of lives. You may know someone who has been touched by the gift of recovery. It is no surprise that those who have gained the most from our services what to share it by supporting others.

These dedicated people are our alumni.

Pathway Society alumni come from all walks of life. Some actively support our program participants by being a kind and stable presence in a person’s life. Others transport participants to community support meetings, social, and artistic outings. What alumni share in common is the understanding of the journey toward health and renewal. What alumni share is gratitude.

If Pathway Society has helped transformed your life, we want to hear from you. Join us in helping to inspire others by sharing your story or getting involved in volunteering your time on behalf of others.