What’s My First Step?

It sounds crazy, but this place saved my life.” Over a span of three short years, Shari went from sleeping on the streets of Oakland to starting a career in account management at a respected bank in San Jose. - click to hear Shari's story...

The first step in recovery is wanting to make a change and we’re here to help.

Pathway Society’s compassionate, human approach to treatment makes for a successful road to recovery from addiction. We welcome and serve people from all walks of life, regardless of ability to pay. By tailoring a program that best fits your individual needs, we are able to provide effective treatment.

The goal of Pathway Society is to promote family, individual, and community wellness. Pathway Society will work closely with physicians, counselors, therapists, and other health professionals to ensure you receive the best care for your individual needs.

We welcome and serve people from all walks of life, regardless of your ability to pay.

If you will be paying for your treatment directly, contact us at (408) 244-1834 to begin your recovery process.

If you are not able to pay out-of-pocket, you can still get the help you need! Pathway Society is committed to providing quality care to people from diverse backgrounds and financial situations. We work in partnership with The Santa Clara Valley Department of Alcohol and Drug Services to provide assistance for those who do not have insurance. Start here and follow the instructions below so that you may receive services from Pathway Society:

Call Gateway of Santa Clara County’s Department of Alcohol and Drugs (DADS) at: 1-800-488-9919
You will be asked a series of questions and personal information such as:

* Are you actively using drugs?
* Do you need detoxification services?

If you are approved for services, you will be asked to call daily until you are placed in treatment. You can request that you be placed at Pathway Society. However, the final placement is determined by DADS.

For more information on Santa Clara County’s Adult System of Care, please follow the link below: