Public Awareness

“ was hopeless.” Paul spent most of his adult life in-and-out of prison, and refers to himself as having been a chemically dependent criminal offender. Being institutionalized was commonplace. - Read Pauls Success Story

At Pathway Society, our focus is on wellness. So, while we provide complete recovery support, we are also invested in promoting prevention. There are a variety of ways that we connect with the community, and we invite you to:

  1. Join our Voices United Keeping Youth Safe Coalition. The coalition works to promote public awareness and support effective policies limiting access to drugs and alcohol for our youth. Contact us for more information about the Coalition.
  2. Contact us to see whether we are a good partner for your organization. We work with schools, parent-teacher organizations, businesses, community organizations, and wellness events to create awareness of the issues surrounding addiction and what you can do to prevent it. We can provide speakers for your organization, event, school, parent group, school staff, and business.

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