BOB BENNINGHOFEN, Board Chairperson

As Board Chairperson of Pathway Society, Bob brings a lifetime of commitment to growing himself, people, and their businesses. Bob’s approach is to evoke thoughtful inquiry, analysis, creativity, and facilitation while mentoring and teaching others.

Bob began his career in an IT management-training program with General Foods.
He provided technical services and solutions to corporate groups spanning disciplines from support services to P&L units including production and manufacturing. As a manager and technology practitioner the next 21 years, he expanded his leadership and business acumen by working with a multitude of professionals from executives to manufacturing shop floor workers.

Bob has successfully helped grow two staffing/consulting firms. Having created three companies during his business life, he has acquired industry expertise in many domains including accounting, business analysis, inventory and production control, marketing, operations, project management, quality assurance, sales, supply chain, and software development, vendor management.

Bob possesses keen communication skills grounded in listening, discernment, and articulation. Bob’s refined leadership results from his innate problem solving, judgment, and common sense approach to overcoming barriers and producing results, attributes he continues to share through mentorship and coaching.

Bob participates at a board-level with a number of non-profit organizations.