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Pathway Society needs a new kitchen! Recently, our residential treatment facility, the Pathway House, underwent a county audit which brought to light several issues with our kitchen that directly affect our ability to support the vulnerable population we work with. It’s critically important that our kitchen be expanded, modernized and properly equipped so that Pathway Society is able to provide healthy and nourishing meals during our clients’ recovery.

We are also reaching out to the community to help Pathway Society with another crucial need. While at Pathway House, it is critical for our clients to focus on their recovery process while creating a foundation of healthy habits that they can take back into their lives when they leave residential recovery. This can include something as seemingly mundane as ensuring that they have clean clothes and linens. Our current laundry facility is pushed beyond its ability to function on a daily basis because of the demands placed on it. The current Pathway House residents are divided into seven groups and each is assigned a day to do their laundry. At night, those same small-capacity machines are called upon by our staff to wash the linens and towels left by departing clients, and make them ready for the next arrivals. The result of this heavy demand is that one or more machines are out of order at any given time awaiting repair. We need your help to add a set of commercial, large-capacity machines that could better handle the linens and towels, and take that burden off of the machines that are needed to support our clients.

For over 50 years, Pathway Society has provided and expanded services to our community for a fraction of the actual cost of treatment. Now, we need to reach out to our community and ask for your help to fund these much-needed improvements to Pathway House. Our goal is to raise $125,000 to provide the proper kitchen redesign and overhaul, and expanded laundry facilities that are so critically needed.

We assure you that every dollar you give to Pathway Society will change lives in a way that few other investments in our community can do. Pathway Society works in full integrity and transparency so your donation will go exactly where it’s intended – to help people rebuild their lives as they recover from addiction. Please know that anything you are able to donate to support this crucial project is greatly appreciated.

The kitchen as it looks now. Our heroic cooks provide meals for the whole house and commissary for another facility from this overworked space.

The kitchen as it looks now. Our heroic cooks provide meals for the whole house from this overworked space.

Our current, overworked laundry facility.

Our current, overworked laundry facility.

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