For Family & Friends

When Andrea was asked to compare her life now to the life she lived before, she said, “Enjoying life is a whole different high.” - Andrea

Addiction, like any other disease, affects people of every gender, age, race and social class. Whether we know a friend, a member of our family, or have even battled it ourselves, addiction touches all of us. It can be hard to cope with, difficult to understand, and can threaten the safety of ourselves and our loved ones. The behaviors and choices of an addict can seem irresponsible and hard for you to relate to. You may be searching for answers and a way to help your loved one find peace and happiness without the use of substances to make positive changes to improve their lives.

At Pathway Society, we are here to help your loved one achieve that goal. We offer a range of services to fit the specific needs of every individual in our care to create a successful route to recovery. From residential live-in services to outpatient counseling to recovery residences, we have the resources necessary to get your loved one back to clean, sober living, and our staff and facilities strive to provide an environment that is comfortable and safe.