It’s important that we provide a clean, safe, environment for our clients, it makes them feel good about themselves. When clients are helping me with renovations, I like taking the time to teach them new things and watching them learn. It’s fulfilling. - Loren

As a team, we understand and believe in our mission to give our clients the best care. Pathway Society continues to thrive due to our dedication to improve our community. - Susan Villanneal

Having been in the field of addiction recovery for 15 years, the sweetest gift is still to see the light come on in somebody’s eyes.

Working at Pathway Society has taught me about the difference between equity and equality among individuals and how to adapt to the fluidity present in a diverse community.

All the staff at Pathway Society put their heart into everything they do. If a client is in need, any counselor or staff member will do whatever they can to be of service. - Catania Santiago-Nederveld

Pathway Society is an agency of action that cares about the community. By going the extra mile for our clients, we instill positivity into people’s lives.” - James White

Pathway Society is like a family because we pick each other up and support one another. Because of everyone’s unique strengths, each counselor plays a different role in our community and we always strive to work with compassion and open-mindedness. - Sara

Pathway Society has a heart. The staff who work here are dedicated to their jobs, the community, and helping people better their lives. There’s a saying that goes, “the most beautiful lotus flower grows in the deepest mud,” and I like to apply that to the work we do at Pathway Society. Pathway Society gives people the opportunity to rise from their ashes to become the best they can be. - Erin Carlson-Jones

At Pathway Society, the staff is trained to work with diverse cultures and different levels of addiction with a client focused approach. - Ramon Gallo

The passion and the determination we offer our clients gives each individual a new pathway to life.   We’re an organization that truly lives up to its name.   - Aisha Lee


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Pathway Society provides people struggling with the disease of addiction with the tools and guidance to change their lives. - Monique Rios

When Andrea was asked to compare her life now to the life she lived before, she said, “Enjoying life is a whole different high.” - Andrea

Before treatment my life was like a merry go round. It was like a swinging door: do your time for a little while, get out, and play the part- you’re going to be good! - Read more about Felix

It sounds crazy, but this place saved my life.” Over a span of three short years, Shari went from sleeping on the streets of Oakland to starting a career in account management at a respected bank in San Jose. - click to hear Shari's story...

What makes someone trade a lucrative career in the high tech industry for a career as a drug and alcohol addiction recovery counselor? - Click for the Barry Francis story

At 18 years clean and sober Willie is a big, friendly man who is deceptively reserved, and has the kind of face where a smile fits naturally. He’s a jovial man, but not without a seriousness that comes from a life of overcoming the disease of addiction. - Willie Cisneros

You can’t keep what you have unless you give it away. This is the mantra by which Stephanie Caudillo lives and works. - See Stephanies Success Story

I was the type of addict that whenever I got out of prison I’d tell my parole officer, ‘Save my gate money for when I come back!’ I was a ruthless drug addict of the hopeless variety. I didn’t believe there was any other way to live. - Richard Nickerson