What your clients can expect when they arrive

It’s important that we provide a clean, safe, environment for our clients, it makes them feel good about themselves. When clients are helping me with renovations, I like taking the time to teach them new things and watching them learn. It’s fulfilling. - Loren

We know that people coming to Pathway Society seek support toward changing their lives. When they arrive at Pathway Society, they will be greeted by friendly, respectful, and compassionate counselors who will explore the best options toward helping them reach their individual goals.

Pathway House

Pathway House

Pathway Society offers a homelike setting during your client’s stay. Our modern facilities are comfortable and clean, and we take great care to provide our clients with safe and stable environments during their time in treatment. Take a look at the facilities for our Residential Programs, Recovery Residence, and Outpatient Counseling and Relapse Prevention facilities to gain a sense of what your clients can expect when they arrive. We ask that they bring simple, comfortable clothing and basic personal items. Upon arriving, they can check in the same day, or schedule a time most convenient for them.

We encourage the support of family members and loved ones who may join them when they arrive. Whether alone or with a family member, they will be supported in a trusting, accepting, and caring environment.

Intake counselors will share with them what they need to begin treatment at Pathway Society. Feel comfortable and safe in knowing that we will answer all of their questions and support them with any needs they may have regarding your insurance provider, physician, and family members.